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The Science Is In.

Climate change is the biggest issue of our generation, but the lack of action is incredibly frustrating.

Despite a handful of companies accounting for a significant majority of the world’s pollution, we can make small changes as consumers to ensure that soon enough structural change will happen.

Australia has the 4th highest food waste per capita in the world! ...meaning that 300kgs of food is thrown away per individual each year. Sadly, 18-25 year olds are the biggest wasters in Australia.

We want to give individuals an easy way to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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How Do We Tackle This?

Reducing food waste is the easiest way for us as individuals to make a difference.

Food waste is often overlooked. But 7% of all global emissions come from wasting perfectly good food.


This makes it one of the simplest lifestyle changes we can make to live more sustainably.


We make it easy for you to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Use the Nashi app to make simple changes in your life to limit your food waste.


Track your impact and get helpful nudges to lower your food waste so we can improve our planet.

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